Nail Designs

Nail Art DesignsAre you beautifully dressed and wearing your favorite make up? What about some nail design? You are not actually ready to go out until you have stunning fingernail designs.

Having beautiful nails is an art. But, who says it cannot be fun? There is a fascinating world of nail art designs for both toenails and fingernails.

  • Painting your nails with a nail polish design. People from the oriental parts of our globe created the most stunning and innovative pictures on nails. If you have poor painting or drawing abilities, start by creating simple colorful nail polish designs and increase their complexity as you gain confidence.
  • Decorated nails – As painting someone’s nails was really time consuming and needed a great deal of ability and practice, a simple and fast system was created to get the same stunning results in only minutes. Artificial nails imprinted with beautiful nail designs are a great alternative to stickers.
  • Sticker nail art – quite fun, but it became too popular and some people may argue that they are out of style.
  • Round Steel Stencils – they have between 7 and 10 different nail designs and are very useful if you are in a hurry. Just make sure the lower layer is fully dried! They will certainly help women express themselves, even the most conservative ones.
  • French manicure – One of the most sophisticated fingernail designs. Nails are polished in light pink, beige, lilac or white and the nail tip is polished in extra white polisher. Special kits are sold to do them at home with patterns for the ones who are in a hurry but still want good quality results.

Animal print, flowers or with rhinestones are worn by the most cheeky to catch people’s attention. Some women prefer a low profile and only wear them on one or two nails with a unique fingernail design, usually on their little finger’s nails.

Toenail Designs

If your hands are to look perfect, why not your feet? After thorough pedicure and, if your natural nails don’t allow for a toenail design, stick artificial toe nails. Some of them already come decorated imitating French manicure but in stunning color schemes such orange, purple, white and red to create that unique look to go with your favorite sandals at the beach!

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