Nail Art

Nail ArtNail art and designs are becoming more and more popular, opening a whole spectrum of different options, which range from having nails polished in two colors, to the use of stickers or even jewelry “rhinestones”. Besides, these nail art options can complete an outfit and give a touch of style even to the most conservative women.

One of the most common techniques of nail polish art is based on the usual French manicure, though the different touch consists of replacing the typical white and light pink for the colors every customer chooses.

Two different tones of the same color can be combined too.

On the other hand, using stickers is getting more and more popular, giving the nails a perfect touch. Stars, flowers or even jewelry can be applied and do not require too much time. They come in different colors and are usually used along with a bright or translucent polish and glitter. For example, small “rhinestones” are an ideal solution for toenail art.

When it comes to acrylic nail art, there are some interesting tonal arrangements that come pre-printed on the nail, like smoking one color into the other. Usually, these colorful designs come in combination with delicate flowers and glitter, making a beautiful and personal art expression of your nails. There is a wide variety of good designs for acrylic nail artists online where you can find many inspirations to create your own designs.

Nail art can be stunning when used with imagination and good taste, giving it personality.

Even if you are a conservative person, you can be trendy by wearing nail art on just one or two nails instead of all of them. Make sure the polish of the ones with no design matches or is the same as the artistic ones and the result will be very sophisticated.

In terms of nail art supply, many different patterns of stickers come in layers which include different colors and images. Some of them even come in gold or silver, and the smaller ones can be used on toes. After giving a base coat which can be a neutral color making sure it is completely dry, apply the sticker to the nail’s surface. Try to use tweezers or a special applicator and give it a top coat with clear protective acrylic to seal it all in place.

Nail polish art is also in style, but this requires a little more practice. Start by simple patterns and a discrete color scheme. With a little patience you will improve your ability to create neat designs in little time.

Different types of brushes are also part of the professional’s nail art supply kit to facilitate the creation of unique designs. Some of these nail brushes are very thin on the lip, which allows you to do the outline. Then you can fill with the same thin brush, though the outline must be dry first. A stylus pen can also be used to draw. Use just one color at a time.

Remember abstract designs such as arabesques, tribal, and others are also an original option instead of the typical flower designs.

Interesting nail art designs can be created with a simple combination of dots. Usually the simplicity of this technique allows for some good toenail art. In all cases, just make sure each color is dry before applying the next; otherwise, you will ruin your piece of art. It’s also very important to work in a ventilated area far from fire, sparks or smoking.

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