Long Nails

Colorful ManicureIf you travel to Japan you will be surprised by the amount of Japanese women with long nails, both natural and artificial. Striking colors, shocking nail art design, rhinestones, and glitter and so on. Sometimes I wonder how they manage to type on their computers with such long nails.

There are many nail salons where you have at least 100 colors to choose from, including some varnishes that glow in the dark, and the necessary touch of fantasy to design long fingernails that will really get the attention of others.

Long Natural Fingernails

The habit of growing long fingernails is related to culture, so long nails represent femininity in western cultures and it is emphasized by nail decoration, just for women in this cultural environment. However, men may also grow long finger nails in some Asian cultures all of them or just the one of the little finger. It used to be a symbol of status indicating that they seldom perform manual tasks, but the practice is not as popular as it used to be. The habit of growing thumb and long pinkie nails has gained some popularity in Europe both for young men and women, especially in Portugal.

Men and women guitar players usually grow long fingernails on the hand used for string plucking, as if it was a little pick. They also use gel or acrylic long nails or enhancements, which are more durable than natural nails and can resist better to the constant guitar picking.

Unfortunately, some people cannot grow long nails for one reason or another. But thanks to the various types of artificial nails there is no reason to lose the opportunity to have long, sexy nails.

They became most popular in the last decades of the 20th century, and are an extension for natural nails. Every person will find the type to suit his/her needs, thanks to the broad variety of types and qualities, strength, flexibility, etc.

However, there is good news for those who think that regarding long nails have seen it all the Nail Jet nail printer. It was released in 2003 and is gaining popularity. This unique device allows for printing personalized hi-resolution pictures on nails, which are especially in style in Asia. Most Asian nail art printers, located close to the most important destinations for young people, help increase the popularity of this particular craft.

Although most people growing long nails are proud of them, no doubt the winner was Shindar Chillal. She has ten reasons to be proud her ten long natural fingernails measuring 7.21 meters in 2001, as recorded by the book Guinness WR. Shindar holds the record for the person with the longest nails in the world.

Artificial or natural, taking care of your long sexy nails is a good idea. They will add a touch of creativity and will emphasize your stunning personality!

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